I am an artist printmaker, creating Tree prints, wood engravings, woodcuts and Drypoint.

Tree printing-connecting to trees

The first step is to create a printable surface from the rough wood. A light burn, brushed away to reveal a raised surface. I apply traditional inks- linseed oil and pigment the way they have been made for 100’s of years. The paper is laid on top of the inked surface and I begin the slow process of printing by hand. A bone folder tool so that I can reach every nuance of the surface. The paper becomes embossed with the 3D shape of the wood as well as the patterns of the different cells. Now you will be able to see -and feel with your fingers-the life of the tree.

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I add additional colour to the prints by hand painting with watercolour paint

Tree prints

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    "Really love this print that was bought as a Xmas present for my husband which I also get to enjoy. It also feels special because I have seen Shona at work and I am aware of her skill and passion. I hope the story of this Yew will continue for hundreds of years to come." Michelle P


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