Society of Wood Engravers

Society of Wood Engravers

After a decade in which there were no exhibitions, the SWE was revived in the early 1980s and has built up an international reputation for excellence. The regular activities of the Society are its annual touring exhibition, quarterly journal ‘Multiples’ and monthly Newsletter. The exhibition, stringently selected from an open submission, visits several venues each year, showing the best of current work from Britain and other countries.

The Society’s role is an important one because it is devoted to creating contacts between wood engravers and those interested in their work, in Britain and around the world, and to sustaining this unique artform.

I am currently a subscriber to the society and once I have been selected for their annual exhibition on 3 occasions I can submit an application to be considered for membership. I have been selected twice for the exhibition, the first time in 2016 with Pee Lee Peep and my print " Atlantic Salmon" is in the 2017 current touring exhibition. 

I am delighted to have been selected again for the annual exhibition in 2018 with my engraving titled: And he Wondered

wood engraving in society of wood engravers annual exhibition

society of wood engravers 2017 exhibition entry

This is my 2016 exhibition image, of Pee Lee Peep, and my 2017 image below.

atlantic salmon


80th Exhibition Venues

  • Kevis House Gallery, Petworth
    13 November–23 December 2017
  • BRLSI, Bath
    3–22 January 2018
  • Bankside Gallery, London
    30 January–18 February 2018
    Private View: Saturday 3 February (time TBC)
  • Zillah Bell Gallery, Thirsk
    24 February–17 March 2018
    Private View: Thursday 1 March
  • Da Gadderie / Shetland Museum, Shetland
    31 March–29 April 2018
  • Pier Arts Centre, Orkney
    5 May–15 June 2018
  • Woodend Barn Art Centre, Banchory
    24 June–21 July 2018


If you would like further information here is the link to the SWE web site:



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