Salmon Scale Woodcut

Salmon Scale Woodcut

In exploring the river Tyne and the fish I have discovered many things.

The first is that once you decide to look for something, miracles seem to happen and you walk right up to what you are hoping to find. The second is that there are always kind people who are very generous and helpful. The photographs of the fish under water shown above are from beneath Bywell Bridge over the river Tyne on 11th November 2016. A chance visit to the river on a journey home. Two very large dead salmon, one under water the other on the bank.

The next day the river had risen and they were gone.

The photo of the Salmon Scale is courtesy of the Environment Agency, Index Rivers Monitoring Programme. Fishermen are asked to rub off some scales from fish they catch and return. This is how I know the authenticity of the scale and my woodcut is a faithful rendering. The fish was a 2 year old Salmon caught and released at Riding Mill, just a mile up river.




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