Pedams Oak

Pedams Oak

It has been told that Pedam, a horse thief, climbed into an oak tree to evade capture.

He must have become a legend, as there is a farmhouse and woodland named after him and the tree! I wandered over Muggleswick Moor to see if I could spy the oak and found many other mysteries.

What was once hidden is now revealed.

And slowly, slowly a sinking down as the living world rises.

Pedams Oak-the now derelict farmhouse surrounded by cattle I didn't want to approach, the woodland a fairytale of moss hiding fallen branches and limbs, and the bleakness of the prevailing winds even in summer. Abandoned houses are still powerful, drawing you in, to peer. This one with the one tree, the sentinel, still loyal. How strange the bark revealing pink and patterns.

I enjoy printing this woodcut at different times in different ways. I have also made an etching of it too.


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