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Relief Print Oak Grizedale Black Ink

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It is available printed in Black ink in an open edition.

Size of image: 21cm x 19.5cm. 

Mount window: 26cm x24cm 5cm mount width

Frame: 38cm x 36cm Solid Oak frame

Unframed print dispatched within 3 days. Framed within 10 days

Printed by hand onto Fabriano Unica handmade paper 50% cotton content 250gsm. 

 This is a round of Oak which began growing in 1700, and was cut and made into structural beams in a Grizedale valley farm barn in 1790. It was removed approximately 15 years ago and has been outside. 

Since my first print the main crack has widened as the wood dries out again inside my studio. The Oak is still responding to it's environment!




Oak relief print

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