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Mounted Original wood engraving Print of Atlantic Salmon

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Mounted original wood engraving print of a female Salmon from the River Tyne. I photographed her at Kielder Hatchery. She's very special! Her eggs were fertilised and her offspring will be returned to the river the following year as Smoults. (small fish) She has a scar down the side of her face- probably from her journey up river! The gravel which I used as the background to the engraving was photographed at Tyne Waters Meet, where the north and south Tyne join together.

Printed by hand on my press onto Fabriano Unica handmade paper 50% cotton content and 240gsm

Each print is signed and dated and printed in small editions.

Image size: 12 cm. x 7.5 cm ( 5 inch x 7 inch approx )

Mount size: 30 cm x 26 cm ( 12 inch x 10 inch approx)