Feeling at home with Cassie

The river and the trees soothe me.  Its home, its safe and its eternally fascinating.  That's why I constantly return.

I have been following the Salmon Journey up The River Tyne for the last 2 years as and when I had some free time. I have been very lucky and found fish to photograph and video on many occasions, and I have also had help from Kielder Hatchery, the Environment Agency, The rivers Monitoring Project, local fishermen. The bridge over the river in Hexham is a good place to see the Salmon and Sea Trout jumping. While we drive over the bridge going about our daily business there is a story of life and death happening in the water below. A story with a strong purpose, with an uncertain outcome, a call to ‘adventure’ with perils and challenges to be overcome.

It reminds me to wonder what my purpose is above the routine of every day. Imagine if the fish could question their purpose, would they throw themselves at the waterfalls risking everything? 

It seems as if all life is a journey, and really there is no arriving just a passing from one phase to another.

 I have sat by the river this summer and watched the small fish in a deep pool. They move around but keep returning to face upstream. This is the future, this is what is coming down the line. I look that way too. The river bends away out of sight.

So I am on a journey to explore, to look to learn. Watching how everything changes. Feeling how everything is linked together.

When I want to feel rooted I lean against a tree, maybe sitting still for a while is the best purpose we can have. What story would the tree tell? Of all that had passed by for 100’s of years. 

In exploring trees I am printing them letting them tell their own stories. 

I can sense the purpose of doing this.