Watch out for BBC Countryfile on 2nd December I will be printing a beautiful piece of Oak with Helen Skelton

Original Print of Yew 1913-2018 Round 1

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This is a round of Yew from Hexhamshire Hardwoods, and it is a Northumberland Tree approximately 105 years old, it began growing in 1913.

  This piece of wood was sanded, burned, wire brushed, and then inked. 

The wood isn't level enough to be put through the press so this image is hand burnished using a bone folder. Its a slow, careful process and takes up to an hour as very millimetre of the paper has to be pressed onto the wood.

But so worth it!

 Printed by hand onto Fabriano Unica handmade paper 50% cotton content 250gsm. 

Black Ink limited edition of 150; Red Ink limited edition of 50. 

The image is available mounted using acid free mount board, with a fulfilment time of 3 days.

 Solid oak frame as shown, fulfilment time is 7 days.

Window of the mount is 44cm x 44cm with a 3 inch mount.

The framed size is:  64 x 64cm




yew relief print

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