Hand burnished print of Oak Tree round

This is a print from the cross section of a 190 year old Oak Tree from the National Trust property, Allen Banks, Northumberland. The tree fell in 2017. The NT kindly gave me the round of oak and I burned it, inked it and hand printed it onto Japanese paper. The paper is then mounted onto card and available with a mount. I do have a frame for this too- solid Oak- but you would need to live within a reasonable traveling distance as its too large to post in the frame. Each print takes at least an hour of careful hand burnishing so I print these to order. 

The mount is approx 95 cm x 82 cm. ( 37inch x 32 inch)

The window in the mount is 75cm x 63 cm ( 29 inch x 25 inch )

The framed version is 100cm x 88cm ( 39 inch x 35 inch)

The mounted version is £180.00

The framed version is £280.00

The framed version I had in stock has now sold.

 If you want to purchase a mounted print fulfilment time will be 3-4 days.

I can also organise framing for anyone within travelling distance who would collect and this would give a fulfilment time of 14-21 days.


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