Watch out for BBC Countryfile on 2nd December I will be printing a beautiful piece of Oak with Helen Skelton

Original Print Card Embossed Letterpress

Original Print Embossed Wooden Type spelling: MAN

with " I am impressed" inked letterpress text in Times New Roman size 12

Printed by hand on Fabriano Unica paper 50% cotton content 250gsm 

6 x 6 inches / 152mm x 152mm with Ivory silky envelope

What it gives:

Your chance to thank anyone who has impressed you with their kindness, their work, their trustworthiness, their care or consideration- or anything that has impressed you!

Definitely one for all those wonderful men who are always going out of their way to impress

Gorgeous feel on your fingertips and satisfaction to the eye.
This card will sit on display for years or you may choose to frame it.

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